To get started with RealtyDao in 1 minute, you need to have these DeFi basics down pat.

  1. Accepted wallets

  2. Connect To Binance Smart chain
  3. Of course have some BNB in your wallet :)

If you have these down pat, then it's so easy to use RealtyDAO, just like other top dAPPS in the market today.


1. In our homepage

2. In the dAPP

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard easily shows you 

  • how many tokens you have in your wallet
  • How many you have staked and contributed
  • how many domains you have in the marketplace
  • how much rDAO is currently
  • Link to buy rDAO
  • link to add rDAO in your wallet
  • List of new domains added to the blockchain
  • List of global realtydao transactions
  • List of new governance forum posts
  • List of new blog posts
  • and the help chat widget :)