Getting started with Authereum

Start your research: Authereum website / Authereum support hub / Medium articles about Authereum

What you need: An email address

  1. Sign up on their website.

  2. Pick a username. People will be able to find you at username.auth.eth.

  3. Fill in an email and password (make sure it’s a strong one!)

And that’s it! Before depositing any funds, make sure to customize the security settings, such as setting up 2FA.

The menu of their wallet.

Testing the log-in experience

If you want to use Authereum, you could either see if a Dapp supports it, or you could use WalletConnect. WalletConnect will generate a QR code for you to scan and log in with Authereum.

A few places that directly support Authereum include:

List of wallets from Curve.

Once you select it from the available list of wallets, all you have to do is confirm your login. This then loads your wallet and token balances!

And once you do a transaction, a pop-up will appear on the top right. It will either update you on how many notifications you have left or tell you that you have to pay for gas.