REALTYDAO is a current aggregation of these protocols and projects :

1. Eshares protocol

2. Handshake Blockchain

3. Blockchain Integrations (Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance)

4. Defi protocols

5. VNOC OS and CONTRIB Network

VNOC integration helps DNA’s effectively launch, learn from their communities, evolve incentive structures and move to rapidly decentralize and scale organically inside the RDAO network.

Each DNA app will have the capability to 

  1. SPONSOR APP - Launch and sponsor your own eSH token which represents the capped table management system by our eShares protocol

  2. NFT APP - Launch their own non-fungible token to represent a transparent holding trust on the blockchain for your DNA

  3. HOSTING APP - Launch a simple hosting app solution for your approved DNA -TLD’s by Handshake (Decentralized Domains) allowing you to create free subdomains on the RealtyDao platform, primarily hosted on Github pages.

  4. Contrib App - Launch a contribution app for your DNA which gives you entry to Contrib’s transparent contribution platform.

  5. eServices App - Launch a POW app for your DNA, where you create incentives for services you need for your digital asset.

  6. More to come...